Sawn timber

Manufacturability OJSC "Svetlogorsk PCM" allow for producing up to 40 thousands m3 cut lumbers of coniferous wood species per year.

Softwood lumber (STB 1713-2007) is made of pine and spruce wood.These wood species have no vessels, medullary rays are very narrow and not visible but that older timber is darker than young timber, the year layers are clearly distinguishable thus providing beautiful texture by sawing. Open Joint Stock Company “Svetlogorsk pulp and cardboard mill” manufactures edged boards and skids of 5 kinds: extra, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Woodworking line of “Giga 02” line from «A.COSTA» (Italy) allows manufacturing edged boards and skids with maximal length 6000 mm, width from 50 to 160 mm and thickness from 15 to 160mm.

Drying equipment of «Secea» (Italy) holds 1200 m3 of sawn timber and allows drying sawn timber in 5 days to 15% humidity, in 7 days – to 7% humidity. 15% humidity dried material is ready for using in building, sawn timber with 7% humidity is used in cabinet-work.

Open Joint Stock Company “Svetlogorsk pulp and cardboard mill” has packing line for comfortable transportation of sawn timber with possibility to pack sawn timber in polyethylene film bound by plastic (polypropylene) ribbon.

Sawn timber transportation is carried out by open top wagons (1 wagon capacity is about  60 m3 + 5 m3) and motor transport (van - 30 m3).

Lumber is transported by road (truck - 40 m3).

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