Base board for impregnation

Base-board is produced using natural materials. Firstly, there are cotton fiber and cellulose. Special treatments of such board are suffering it not to get wet for a long time under the action of spirit. This microporous board is used in production of tools in suppressing with harmful insects too. The structure of the microporous paperboard used in the manufacture of automotive air fresheners does not retain fine details in the pattern made on the surface of the article, which is a small disadvantage of this type of freshener.

The base-board for impregnation is produced in sheets with dimensions of 660 mm ×767 mm, 610 mm х620 mm, in small plates with dimensions of 22 mm х 35 mm, in large plates with dimensions of 55 mm х 85 mm.
The base-board is packed after press cutting into corrugated cardboard boxes manufactured according to normative documents. The weight of the box is not more than 15 kg. A sheet of wrapping paper is placed at the bottom and top of the box.

Parameters Plate size
22 mm*35 mm (0,07-0,08г)

Plate size

55 mm*85 mm

Wight of package unit (killogram.) 4 10
Number of boxes in the pallet (pcs.) 88 54
Number of pallets in a car with a capacity of 82 m3 (pcs.) 32-33 22-24

Code tariff 48 23 70 90 00