Crude tall oil

Crude tall oil is a wood processing product obtained by decomposing sulphate soap, which in turn is formed during the cooking of sulphate pulp.

Annotation: There are hardwood and softwood crude tall oils. The acid index is higher in softwood crude tall oil, and unspecifiable matter is higher in hardwood crude tall oil. This is why coniferous crude tall oil is generally used for protective paint coatings, the production of distilled tall oil and fatty acids. And hardwood crude tall oil is used more in the process of manufacturing parting fluids and lubricating-cooling materials.

Special aspects: Crude tall oil is water-insoluble. Precisely because such data attributes, the tall oil is a cost-effective decision for use in industries related to the aqueous phase.

As another example - in the process of flotation of ores or other suspended solids, it is important to create conglomerates of particles convenient for filtration on the surface of water.

In the production of drilling mud, the main task is to create lubricating properties to reduce the friction of the drill against the rock, but it is so important to prevent washing out of the drilling mud by interbed water.

Volumes: As a result of sulphate pulping, the plant produces about 20 thousand tons of tall oil per year. Since Belarusian enterprises do not process crude tall oil. Therefore, it is exported to Europe and other countries.

We offer hardwood tall oil with the following parameters:

Quality parameters Value
External qualities Brown or dark brown oil
Ecid index, mg KOH/g of oil, not less than 120
Mass of resin ecid, % not less 40
Mass of unsaponification matters, % not less 15
Mass fraction of water, % not less 3.0

Shipment is carried out by tank-containers.